SLP is accepting enrollment for Fall. Please see CLASSES for openings!

We’d love to show you around Shining Light! Check-out our Visit Us page.

New Students

First: COME Visit SHining Light Preschool

Once you visit and are ready to enroll:

STEP 1: read the welcome to SLP Letter

STEP 2: submit tuition express form within 2 days

STEP 3: Return All 7 forms within 2 weeks.

  1. Enrollment Record

  2. Admissions Agreement

  3. Parent’s Rights

  4. Personal Rights

  5. Background Safety Check

  6. Co-op Health Statement

  7. Child’s Physician’s Report

Returning Students

Returning Students re-enroll in April

  1. Enrollment Record - Please print 2-sided if possible.

  2. Admissions Agreement - Returning